Product Features:

Dynamic balance automatic servo tensioner, including tension driving wheel, servo motor, incoming wire passing wheel, fixed seat of the whole machine, wire retaining shaft, fleece pad, incoming wire nozzle, outgoing wire passing wheel, tension wire passing wheel, tension rod limit post, return spring pull seat, tension rod, tension wheel, tension rod rotating shaft, tension rod connector, tension rod limit block, wire rope passing wheel, wire rope, air cylinder, tension controller, angle sensor Tension sensor and CPU controller.


This device can realize dynamic releasing wire and ensure constant releasing wire tension, constant releasing wire angle. With advantages of high releasing wire efficiency, good releasing wire effect, good winding effect and the effect of ensuring the consistent tightness during the winding process. This design solves the problems of stall releasing wire, unstable tension, inconsistent tightness, poor winding effect, etc. The problems are caused by old winding machine is not using active releasing wire device.

Technical Specification