Precision Winding Machine For Vehicle Solenoid Valve

Product Features:

1. Simulate the precision automatic winding of manual winding. The automatic system forms a closed-loop fine-tuning production process with the winding and winding system through the real-time detection device, which can correct the cumulative difference between the winding and the winding in the multi turn and multi-layer winding at any time, so as to complete the whole column close winding of electromagnetic coils such as automobile solenoid valve and automobile electric machine, and get rid of the low efficiency and instability factors that such coils rely on manual winding production, It has the unique technology of wire arrangement with lead slot reserved for automobile relay coil, which can automatically complete the whole column close winding and Slot Reserved coil of automobile relay.

2. Multifunctional microcomputer design, easy data setting. In the middle of winding, the position of the spreading wire head can be corrected left and right to assist in finding the starting point and width position, which is more convenient for the winding of special coils or high-precision coils.

3. 1000 groups of step sequence setting capacity, which can easily set forward and reverse rotation, trapezoidal winding, sparse winding, dense winding, automatic slot crossing, etc.

4. Easy setting acceleration and deceleration, high and low speed can be matched according to different needs.

5. Magnet damping tension device is designed with adjustable tension, stable operation, neat wire spreading and high efficiency.

6. The precision servo motor is used to drive the Taiwan TPI ball screw, more smooth wire spreading control is smoother and the precision is higher.

7. The starting point will never change and the reset performance is good.

8. Fast response, accurate braking, high counting accuracy and stable mechanical performance.

9. Japan NSK Bearings high precision, low noise, high reliability and long service life.

10. All sensors are famous brands, high precision and fast response speed.

11. All wire passing systems have high finish and high flexibility.

12. Taiwan double linear bearing support system. Reinforced wire spreading rod more stable.

Technical Specification