Automobile Generator Rotor Excitation Coil Winding Machine

Product Features:

1. The patented winding program simulates the precision automatic winding machine with manual winding. The automatic winding system forms a closed-loop fine-tuning production process with the winding and winding system through the real-time detection device, which can correct the cumulative difference between the winding and the winding in the multi-turn and multi-layer winding at any time, so as to complete the whole column close winding of the rotor coil of the automobile generator, and get rid of the inefficient and unstable factors that this kind of coil depends on manual winding production.

2. CNC control input, multi-functional microcomputer, data storage volume 0 ~ 999 groups of different steps setting, easy data setting, and data can be saved after shutdown.

3. Special function design can assist in finding the starting point and width position. User can easy and freely match high and low speed, easy setting the running direction at clockwise or anti-clockwise, and make the tightness of the winding is sparse or tight.

4. The floor type worktable plus overall protection, beautiful, durable and safe.

5. The machine is equipped with pneumatic tailstock. Ensure concentricity for spindle with tailstock by slide rail sliding positioning.

6. Equipped with electronic on-line tension measurement and control instrument and with wire break alarm output function, the tensioner adopts mechanical permanent magnet tensioner, which has long-lasting, stable and durable tension.

Technical Specification