Precision Winding Machine For Nuclear Power Sensor

Scope of application:

1. The winding machine is suitable for winding wires of various materials on ultra-long and ultra-fine element rods.

Product Configuration And Functional Requirements:

1. There are no other devices between the spindle center and the lower sliding rod that affect the operation.

2. It can easily set the forward and reverse rotation, and adjust the pitch for dense winding.

3. In the process of wire feeding, the tension of wire is constant, and the whole wire conveying system is always in dynamic equilibrium.

4. There are stop switches, deceleration switches at both ends of the winding machine. User can easy and freely setup acceleration time, deceleration time, high speed, low speed by controller. Ensure that the coil wire winding is uniform and tidy.  

5. Emergency STOP function.

6. The winding machine is equipped with anti bending device to prevent the workpiece from bending due to stress during wire winding.

7. Reasonable design, stable and reliable operation control and durability.

Technical Specification